Comic Book Shader


This is a Unity shader I coded as practice while I was learning shaders with the book Unity Shader Bible. It is inspired by Roy Lichtenstein's Pop Art work and I tried to match the style as close as I could in 3D.

The shader maps the colors of the main texture to a Red/Yellow/Blue/Black/White color pallet. The alpha channel is used to determine the pattern that is rendered. (0-25% dots, 25-75% inverse dots, 75-100% solid). The outline is simply done by extruding the vertices by their normals in clip space. I think applying an edge detection algorithm for the outline would make it match the style better, but that will be something I do if I get back to this in the future.


You can find the shader on my GitHub, licensed under MIT.


The 3D model is by Ready Player Me on Sketchfab.