Mister Pumpkin's Potionary

A VR game we developed with a team of 5 people in just 10 weeks. The game is created in Unity and makes use of SteamVR for Unity, which sped up development a lot. It was never officially released, but a build is available on this page.


Mister Pumpkin's Potionary is a single player VR game where the player has to make as many potions as they can, within the given time limit. They have to collect items and prepare them to create the potions. The player is scored on how well they prepere these items.

The Rookies

One of my team members invisted their time in creating an entry for the Rookie Awards 2020. The game was selected as one of the finalists in the category Game of the Year - Immersive Media.


You can download the Unity build here (zip). The game has been verified to work on the HTC Vive.